Vets FAQs

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Vet FAQs

What is MiNightVet?

MiNightVet clinics are dedicated out of hours clinics set up to offer tailored out of hours solutions to daytime practices.

At MiNightVet, we work closely with daytime practices to ensure that together we deliver the best clinical and client care to their clients and their pets, and a better work life balance for their daytime teams.

What are the clinic opening times?

The specific opening times of our MiNightVet services can vary locally, but they generally operate as follows:

Monday to Friday: 7pm – 8am

Saturday: 12pm – 8am Monday.

24-hours a day on public bank holidays.

What are the staffing arrangements?

Our out of hours clinics are staffed by a separate team of experienced veterinary surgeons and nurses who remain on site at all times. These vets and nurses never work consecutive days and nights – so they are always alert and ready to offer the very best care to emergency cases. To avoid the negative well-being effects of true shift work on our night team we often use regular, part-time staff to cover weekend and bank holiday day shifts.

Do you have a separate MiNightVet telephone number?

Yes, our MiNightVet clinics all have separate telephone numbers to the daytime practice and all of our emergency calls are logged and recorded to help us ensure that we are delivering the very best clinical and client care. We make it very clear to clients that they are speaking to (and receiving care from) the MiNightVet team and not the base/daytime/host practice.

How do we know what treatment has been provided by MiNightVet?

We know that the best clinical outcomes are delivered by ensuring case continuity and good communication. We therefore provide a full clinical history (complete with all blood/X-ray results/images) directly to our member practices before the end of every shift. And, if the case has been a tricky one, we will even give you a call to give you a ‘heads up’ and discuss any further details with you.

How do you deal with more critical cases?

Your local MiNightVet team will always send cases back to your practice at the end of the shift if the animal is fit to travel. On the rare occasion where an animal remains in a critical condition, we can arrange for the case to stay with the day team until such time as it is fit to travel back to your practice for ongoing care (or, until you can send a vet and nurse team to safely transport the case back to your practice). In this case it will be clearly explained to the client that any ongoing, daytime care is offered on behalf of MiNightVet and not the daytime practice. (And, all notes/invoices and drug labels will bear the MiNightVet details).

How much does it cost to join MiNightVet?

We offer our services free of charge to member practices. In exchange for our services we merely ask that you sign a contract which obliges you to provide us with 12-months notice of your intention to leave the service. In order to support us to maintain our accessible client fees we also ask that you use us as your only out of hours service provider.

What happens if we have a complaint?

As we work hard to develop a true synergy with the daytime practices that use our services, we are pleased to say that we receive few complaints. However, when these do occur our local contacts means that there is somebody on hand 24-hours per day to listen to and investigate any concerns that you or your clients may have about our service. We welcome feedback – good or bad, and we are always keen to improve our service.

Can you help us to tell our clients about your service?

Absolutely! We can provide waiting room posters and client leaflets to help you to inform your clients about the out of hour’s provision in your practice. We can also provide website links and other materials. Together, we can ensure that your clients can easily get help in the event of an emergency- day or night.

How do I join my local MiNightVet service?

For more information, or to join a MiNightVet service today, please contact us by emailing: providing your contact details and a brief summary of your query. We will then get in touch as soon as possible. Joining our service is quick and simple and we look forward to working with you soon.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator type=”transparent” up=”50″][/vc_column][/vc_row]