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View current out of hours vacancies here.

Job alerts

If we don’t have the right opportunity for you right now, then you can register for job alerts and receive an email every time an opportunity that matches what you are looking for arises.

Your career with CVS and MiNightVet

An opportunity to fall back in love with being a vet or nurse!

MiNightVet is a dedicated out of hours veterinary emergency care provider which is owned and operated by CVS.

Our network of MiNightVet clinics is designed to offer excellent clinical and client care to pet owners while allowing us to improve the lives of our daytime teams.

We currently have 30 MiNightVet clinics (and a number of other out of hours sites offering similar opportunities) and these allow us to offer out of hours career opportunities in most areas of the UK and Ireland.

Working in a MiNightVet clinic offers vets and nurses the opportunity to enjoy the job satisfaction that comes from making a real difference every shift while enjoying great pay and an excellent work life balance.

Our out of hours roles are an excellent choice for those looking to develop their knowledge and/or a career in emergency medicine and we offer fully funded ECC certificates. The work life balance afforded by our out of hours rota also makes these roles suitable for superhero mums and dads looking to balance the needs of their family with their careers.

As a CVS colleague, you will enjoy a wide range of benefits, which are in many cases exclusive, such as our sharesave programmes. For many of our positions, we are also able to offer part time and job share opportunities to allow you to have the right work–life balance.

Not sure if working out of hours is for you?  Find out what it’s like to work in out of hours here:

Overseas qualified veterinary surgeons and nurses

If you qualified outside of the UK as a veterinary nurse or surgeon, you will need to register with the RCVS in order to practice. To find out more about the registration process, please visit the RCVS website.

Across the CVS group, we are proud to employ many overseas qualified professionals and, in many cases, are also able to offer visa sponsorship. To learn more about opportunities and relocation support, including visa sponsorship, please contact our Careers Team via[/vc_column_text][vc_separator type=”transparent” up=”50″][/vc_column][/vc_row]